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Returning to play from injury or absence

The demands of competition take their toll on the body. In the event that you have suffered an injury, or have been forced to take time off, we can help you. We have rehabilitated everything from spinal fusions and compound leg fractures, to soft tissue ACL/MCL surgeries. We will restore strength and stamina, while simultaneously improving your ability to avoid re-injury. We follow a four-phase system to return you to competition. 

Phase 1

Depending on the severity and nature of the injury, in-network or out-of-network Physical Therapists (PT) may be involved in your rehabilitation. We work with some amazing and skilled PT clinics and private practices located throughout San Francisco. 

Phase 3

As function and mobility return, strength and endurance shift to the forefront. we switch gears giving the lead to our strength staff while incorporating our PT's goals and checkpoints into our programming. 

Phase 2

Our therapists take the lead while our strength and performance staff focus on maintaining strength and mobility patterns for the rest of the body. Working to complement and maintain involvement in one another's programs ensures a streamlined and efficient transition to phase 3.​

Phase 4

Once you have been cleared to return to training, we help reintegrate you into a performance program while ensuring that re-injury risk is minimized. We create a specialized program to maintain your progress and create a solid foundation for your continued career. 



If it does, we have the expertise to rehabilitate the injury, improve your mobility, regain your strength, and return you to play.


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