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Sport-specific development

  • Develop Strength, Speed, Agility, Power, and conditioning

  • Deceleration technique, acceleration technique, cutting technique

  • Maximal Force production


Educate the Athlete

  • How does our training affect their body, daily life, and their sport performance?

  • How do we continue care and maintenance when not in the gym?

  • How does diet and recovery affect their performance?

Decrease Injury potential

  • Screen athletes to assess injury risk

  • Implement correctives to establish symmetry and ensure proper mobility and flexibility

  • Create proprioceptive and deceleration mechanics and loading patterns

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Sport specific performance for the professional athlete

We develop customized programs based on your position and sport. Whether you are a pro player in need of complete year round macrocycle, or a club player preparing for a tryout, we design your program to prepare you for competition.  

On the field or in the gym

  • Our professional soccer background allows us to have a unique overlap of scientific and technical development with sports performance

  • Work on the somatic training in the gym and sympathetic performance on the field. Conscious effort yields unconscious performance

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